How to choose napkins

Choosing the right napkins for your wedding, perhaps with a unique design can be time consuming. You want your napkins to reflect the mood and tone of your big day and fit with all the other aspects including your dress, the room, the tableware and so on.

You could start by looking for a match with your cake or perhaps your wedding invitations. We are happy to help you find just the right design and colour for your big day.

If you have created a design of your own for your invitations or perhaps had a design created for you it might be nice for this to be used on your wedding napkins. You'd be surprised how inexpensive having napkins printed can be, call us for more information.

Quality Napkins offers a wide range of napkins for any occasion.  For example:

Cocktail Napkin                  20cm tissue  
                                        25cm tissue
                                        20cm luxury airlaid

Breakfast/ Lunch/ Snacks   2ply 33cm tissue
                                        3ply 33cm tissue
                                        2ply 40cm tissue
                                        33cm luxury airlaid (Swansoft)

Dinner                               3ply 40cm tissue
                                        4ply 40cm tissue                                      
                                        40cm luxury linen feel (see below)
                                        48cm luxury linen feel (Dunilin only)

Swansoft Napkin - linen like napkin. 

Dunisoft Napkin - linen like napkin.  Introduced as an economy alternative to the Dunilin.  Available in packs of 10 or 60 napkins.

Dunilin Napkin 40cm or 48cm -  top of the range, high quality linen like napkin.  Available in 20 colours and 41 different designs.
(The 48cm napkin is limited in colour and design.)

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